Enter the Labrynth

I Try To Believe In Three Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

My journal name is a refference to the fandom that brought me to LJ in the first place - BtVS in general and Anthony Head in particular. I've met him - he's a cool guy.

My other fandoms include Doctor Who, suspence films (especially the films of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, and Gillaume Canet), animation, DiscWorld, and music in genera - rock music in particular. In fact, in mid August of 2007 I rediscovered a fondness for French Rock when an interview with Christopher Eccleston mentioned an animated film called "The Tripplets of Belleville"; I found the video on YouTube and as a result rediscovered Matthieu Chedid, who performes as a 20th/21st century French Glam Rock character called -M-. To enhance my enjoyment of his songs (and to make travel in France a better experience), I'm currently working to improve my French.

I'm hoping to become truly bilingual; since I had a year of French in highschool, that helps. What doesn't help is the sizable gap between my initial studies and my renewed studies, but with language softwares, a class at Alliance Française (completed 08/25/2008), and an avid interest in and entusiasm for French rock music (I've discovered other bands I like as well, including Madamoiselle K), I'm constantly working to bridge that gap.